Second Birthday

How quickly do these birthdays roll around? I feel like it was only yesterday we were rushing to hospital the day before Aara was 1 year old. Now another year has gone by, and the focus has been working towards getting Aara to walk independently. I mean we try and work on all areas of her development but with work and appointments it’s hard to give time to everything. Along with the fact that Aara only wants to either crawl around or cruise along furniture.

Happy 2nd Birthday

As you can see she was so happy the entire day, we think because of her birthday but could have easily been the sugar from all the treats. Aara spent the day in nursery with her friends loving the attention she received. I was happy with this picture it almost lets me forget the drama of last year.

Thinking ahead to goals for the following year, we are working on having Aara walk independently and trying to improve her Makaton and speech. The latter is the area that requires the most focus for us as this is an area that we worry about the most! But just like walking we will start working on her single word signing as a first step and re-evaluate as Aara can do that successfully.

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