Third Birthday

I honestly cannot believe Aara is 3 years old! I know that this is something every parents says about their child at practically every birthday, but she is growing way too fast.

This year has also seen Aara achieve more of the goals we had set for her! She managed to take her first steps and with each passing day is becoming more and more confident on her feet. Aara has also started to sign more in Makaton and can even say her name – so we are progressing. My husband and I had the debate about a birthday party again, but we both agreed that because she is still not completely comfortable with large crowds we would just have a party with our immediate family.

Happy Third Birthday

So the plan for next year is to aim for two word associations so “more mummy”, improve Aara’s interaction with other children and try and have her signing as much as possible. Right now we try and sign most words and songs with her to see if she can pick it up and when Aara requests things try and have a “please” or “mummy” added before we give her the item she requests. Cannot wait to see how this year works out.

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